Japanese fishing ship spotted off canada

Japanese fishing ship spotted off canada.

The Canoe:

Rochester, Wisconsin, USA

September 14th, 2016

There was quite a bit of confusion about what the fish was. This morning one of our crew members discovered a few fis바카라h. At least three were big enough to take into a bucket. We did not see them until late at nig우리카지노ht, and didn’t know what to expect. In some parts of the world people have noticed dead fish floating in the water off the coast of Canada, or off Norway. I suspect people are just doing it because it’s fun, or they are just looking for a way to enjoy it. We suspect the two things may be related and I have more fish to try later this week.

Mystery fish found in Canoe on Saturday:

Gulf Islands of Puerto Rico, USA

September 7th, 2016

I was walking along a sandy beach in Puerto Rico when I was shocked to find a massive fish on the ground and off in the dark. The fish’s body was covered in yellow-orange scales. The fish was approximately 3.5″ tall. I don’t know whether it was a bluefin or a pink. If I got a second chance to catch it I would get a larger one, but for now we just left it as it was. The sun was setting when we returned to our cabin and decided to try to fish it up. After about an hour of poking in the dark and under the rocks, a small bit of fish had emerged from beneath the rocks and began crawling along them. It made for a cute video! It was the first time I have ever caught a bluefin. It was quite aggressive, and very easy to get it to move. I didn’t see any other b바카라사이트luefin until I checked the other day. It’s probably the largest one we have ever caught, probably bigger than most bluefin we have caught. If any of you have ever caught one in the wild, I highly encourage you to send me a picture, because I want to check it out. I’d really appreciate any advice that helps me out and let’s see what we can catch.

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