Impoverished iraqis scavenge for spoils of war in oilfields in Iraq, killing tens of thousands of animals and killing their own young

Impoverished iraqis바카라 scavenge for spoils of war in oilfields in Iraq, killing tens of thousands of animals and killing their own young

Says they were targeted by the coalition because they carried a „small but dangerous message“

They often kill young animals from as early as 6 weeks old

According to the British government’s own data:

80% of UK oil revenues are from oil and gas production (according to Energy & Development secretary Greg Clark)

65% of British oil revenues come from natural gas; 50% from tar sands

78% of British oil revenues are generated by the United Kingdom; 29% from oil sands

Oil companies employ 1.5 million people in the UK, with 60% of these working in the energy sectors (mainly in the oil industry).

The Coalition has made no secret of its aims to impose austerity on the UK and seize control of its economy. The cuts will come largely from low-income earners and working-class people suffering austerity. This will increase the chances of widespread discontent, widespread social unrest, and possibly the emergence of a militant left-wing response to austerity. The Coalition is planning to spend £13bn on the UK security forces through the 2017 General Election, the largest single expenditure since 2001. Of that, £4bn is for armed forces and £4bn to the police.

For those unable to afford the monthly petrol bill, a £10 a month fee will soon be introduced for non-renewal of your monthly fuel voucher. In 2016-17 the price of electricity in London was raised from a record high of £34/MWh to £39/MWh, yet the number of households able to switch to an alternative energy supplier was cut by half. Over 100,000 people have been evicted from their homes because they did not have the required contract. The Coalition has promised to bring all public housing to the private sector, and will sell off public services to pay for privatisation of social care and services for the elderly.

This includes:

1,700,000 council houses to be sold off;

70,000 people living in ‘community care’ under a £25bn private private health and care trust

9,700,000 social housing blocks to be demolished, including around 250,000 council houses;

£50m of spending cuts on health care and disabled services;

£80m of cuts to the prisons, courts, police and social care systems.

The government wants t

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